Gartner provides a look into the most critical issues facing security and risk leaders in 2022 that is CyberSecurity

Gartner analysts have compiled a list of their predictions on cyber leadership. This research highlights some of the most important predictions for cyber leadership in the upcoming years. Leader’s today are burnt out, overworked and practice an “always-on” mode. This is a direct reflection of how elastic the role has been over the past decade due to the growing misalignment of expectations from stakeholders within their organizations.

Gartner Report

This report examines Gartner’s predictions on culture and cyber threats, evolution of the cybersecurity (cyber threats to company) role, and the board’s perception of cyber risk. One of the most prevalent concepts discussed is the distributed cyber ecosystem.

Key Findings

  • Cybersecurity is turning into a social phenomenon. Investor interest, public pressure, employee demands, and governmental regulations are strengthening the incentives for organizations to track and report cyber goals and metrics within their environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts as a business requirement.
  • Customers are also increasingly expressing concern and interest in the cybersecurity posture of the organizations that they conduct business with.
  • Gartner research shows that 88% of boards regard cybersecurity as a business risk rather than solely a technical IT problem. Thirteen percent of boards have responded to this by instituting cybersecurity-specific board committees overseen by a dedicated director.
  • Traditional culture improvement efforts that focus exclusively on awareness are failing to facilitate secure behavior and have led to loss of control amid an increasingly distributed ecosystem.
  • Executive performance evaluations are increasingly linked to an ability to appropriately manage cyber risk within their parts of the business.

The View from the Board of Directors Survey 2022: Cybersecurity Risk is a business risk, not just a technology risk. Cyber threats are becoming more prevalent in business, with a majority of organizations having experienced a risk incident within the past two years. With cyber insurance, this liability risk can be reduced greatly.

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